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Hi! I'm Lauren

Lauren Teschendorf


Lauren is a philanthropist, creator, speaker, writer & mentor. Inspired by the many generous people in her life that donate their time, talent and treasure serving others and their communities, Lauren writes about Modern Giving & Charity Work. Her work defines & explores the topic of personal giving, redefining how to be a Great Giver in our Modern World. Lauren lives in Missouri with her husband and children.   


Lauren is an entrepreneur with multiple startups and exits. She co-founded a next-generation consumer goods company that builds global eCommerce brands with a strong focus on giving. 

In today’s world, there is a strong focus on “the self.” The media & the Internet bombard us with messages that focusing on yourself brings you happiness, be it self-care, your self image, your career, your relationships. So much of this is surface level chatter.

Deep down, we know there is more to life. So much of our happiness depends on looking beyond ourselves and connecting with others. With that connection bubbles up the needs of others and opportunities for us to give of ourselves. 


We are not born with a full understanding of how to be charitable. We have to learn it, to experience it. With every person you meet, there are unique backgrounds, biases & motivation. Giving is really about the individual make-up, experiences & struggles of each of us. In other words, the topic of giving is deeply PERSONAL. This is why I want to introduce the concept of Personal Generosity.

What is Personal Generosity 

Personal Generosity is the art of giving
with the intention of helping others
while fulfilling yourself.


Great givers not only impact others but also show the strengths and gifts of their true self. The person we are each born to be. Together, let's dive into the art of personal generosity. 

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