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Giving Choices that Lead with your Heart

Updated: May 1, 2023

There are moments in our life when our giving decisions are truly led by our hearts. You know those moments or news articles where you see suffering or a desperate need that really stirs you. It may stay with you at the top of your mind that day or week. You find yourself praying for their situation and think, "I really want to do something about this." Lean into that thought and get involved, take action!

In the spirit of taking action, I am excited to announce a new section of our website called Get Involved. I was inspired by my son to create this webpage. He has been praying for those suffering in Ukraine every single time we do family night prayer. Their suffering is clearly top of mind, and his empathy and dedication to praying for these souls is so inspiring for me. I started researching ways our family can help bring relief to this cause, which led me to Global Relief. This incredible organization keeps an eye on the dire needs of those suffering around the world and offers opportunities to help fill the need.

Over the course of this year we will be adding additional charities to this site for you to consider donating your time, talent or treasure towards. This is solely designed to be a resource for you.


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