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The Giving Kite:
Discover the transformative power
of personal generosity

The Giving Kite is a masterpiece that skillfully navigates the intricate art of generosity...quite a refreshing and insightful read that leaves a lasting impression.

--Jessie R. 

The Giving Kite explores the intersection of managing God's money, biblical finances, and the great work of your life, offering valuable guidance for self-growth and empowerment and spiritual fulfillment in this must-read self-help book.

Make your Charity Work Personal

I believe that anyone can make a positive impact and see the results of their generosity, not only in the lives of those they serve but in themselves. The key to sustainable service is simple: use your God-given strengths & interests as a guidepost, give to causes that are life-giving to you, and care for yourself so you can fully care for others. This site is dedicated to providing resources, education and support to those looking to give to their communities in meaningful ways. Working together, we can make the world a better place.

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Lauren Teschendorf

Meet Lauren

Lauren Teschendorf is a philanthropist, writer & entrepreneur. Inspired by the many generous people in her life that donate their time, talent & treasure serving others and their communities, Lauren writes about Modern Giving & Charity Work through the lens of personal giving, helping others bring out their best self.  Lauren lives in Missouri with her husband and children.

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