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Welcome! Let's Explore Modern Giving.

Welcome! Let's Explore Modern Giving.

In today’s world, there is a strong focus on “the self.” The media & the Internet bombard us with messages that say focus on yourself, your self-care, your self image, your career, your relationships. So much of this is surface level chatter. Deep down, there is a voice that tells us others matter too. Deep down, we have an inherent need to give. Give of ourselves freely, openly, in a way that impacts others but also impacts ourselves and brings out our true inner self. The person we were born to be.

The purpose of Modern Giving is to explore your own personal path to giving in a way that sparks meaningfulness in you. Somehow, charity work, volunteering, giving...none of these topics are taught in school. It’s as if the world assumes you should just KNOW how to give. The challenge is not IF we want to give. The challenge is that we do not know HOW. In reality, giving is something learned and emulated. Just like we aren’t born knowing how to build a home or solve a math equation, giving is a learned art. An art worth striving for.

Let's Define Modern Giving, together.

With Love, Lauren


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